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Imagination is the genesis of Dreams. They are the visions of our mind’s eye. Creativity, insights and enterprise shape our dreams and make them tangible. Fulfillment of your dreams is an exhilarating duty, we take great pride in. At POONAM ESTATE, imagine the best.

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Floor Plan

Living is an enchanting experience. The spaces that encompass us should nurture this spirit. POONAM ESTATE is an embodiment of all that is glorious. Revel in the positive vibes of your home. Relish the refreshing greens and rejoice in the freedom that stretches beyond the horizon.

Lifestyle Amenities

Space is infinity, defined by human perception. Out of the boundless eternity, we desire for a share we can call our own. At the same time our vision demands to travel to the farthest reaches of it. Space is an inherent quality at POONAM ESTATE.

Be it the spacious interiors or the multi layered open spaces. Elevated by podium, it offers an unfettered view in all the four cardinal directions.


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360 degrees lifestyle at Mira Road

The location of POONAM ESTATE, is itself a prelude to the magnificence that follows. Perched atop a podium, the homes offer an unmatched vista of Mira Road. The mountains and greens roll out on the East while on the North-south axis, the suburbs stretch unto the horizon. The imposing array of tower itself is rooted to the ground by landscaped green space. Vicinity to markets, shopping malls and entertainment facilities, healthcare and educational institutes and lively residential neighborhoods make living at POONAM ESTATE an experience beyond IMGINATION.

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