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Live at the very edge, where rolling hills begin their march towards horizon. Where a green carpet welcomes you to witness the vibrant play of nature. The myriad sights and sounds reach the senses unfettered and the air is not adulterated with soot and grime. Wake up to the sounds of chirping birds and the refreshing scent of morning dew. Enjoy a stroll in the natural landscape and freshness of crisp air.

UNIQUE VISTAS offers a lifestyle hitherto unheard of. This complex of high residential towers is situated at the very foothills of the famed YEOOR HILLS, at Thane. The vista of the vast homogenous green belt touches the very boundaries of UNIQUE VISTAS. It is a unique combination of absolute urban comforts in the very midst of untouched nature. Where peace and serenity are not sold off the shelf, but are a logical result of unique location. Renew your ties with nature at UNIQUE VISTAS.

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Floor Plan

The spaciously designed 2 BHK Apartments welcome freshness and natural sunlight, which makes you feel energetic. The Floor plans have been meticulously designed to offer you more space per square feet to help you design your home with ideas that will leave your mark on this happy residence.

Lifestyle Amenities

Plans are the footprints on which lives are built, but amenities and comforts convert them into actual living spaces. Amenities give expression to the best intentions inherent in the planning. The backdrop created by the finishes, fittings and fixtures have an everlasting impact on the day-to-day life. No effort has been spared to compliment the elegant outlook and Superior Planning. The most contemporary amenities have been appointed to give a finishing touch to this very classy creation.


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A BREATHTAKING LOCATION of UNIQUE VISTAS straddles across two opposing concepts effortlessly. It establishes a synergy between urban lifestyle and green locale. Located at the base of green hills of Yeoor, a few minutes drive and one reaches Ghodbandar road - The main link between Mumbai – Thane and all the districts beyond. The immediate area is decked with residential complexes, shops, malls, multiplexes and all other facilities. After having a fill of all things urban, UNIQUE VISTAS offers the option to return into the folds of nature and wake up refreshed.

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