5 Simple Tips to Make Your HOUSE a HOME!

Blogs / December 28, 2019


Be it a 1 BHK flat, 2 BHK flat or a villa; it’s the people & special things in the house that make it a HOME! But, if we notice there are a few things that are common in many homes. So, with a few simple ideas let’s spruce up a house to home & that too without spending much.

Start with the Floors

Apart from stylish floors, rugs and carpets can never be out of fashion. Because they brighten a dark room & enhance the décor. Let’s not forget that it also keeps your flooring surface safe especially if there’s wooden flooring. In addition to being softer, it also provides warmth & significantly reduces noise in the space.

Re-arrange furniture

It is one of the most result-proven decisions. Especially when you have bigger apartments like 2 BHK apartments or so, it works well. To start with Living Room, make sure it’s not much crowded as it is the first space where your guests will be welcomed. Place a big sofa and balance it with a pair of chairs facing each other to encourage conversations. In between the sofa and chair place a stylish coffee table. Now that becomes a perfect cozy still spacious space.

Place your memories on the wall

As said earlier, some special things make the house a home and what else can be better than displaying family photos on the wall. Family pictures displayed on the wall play the focal point. You can either build rows and columns or create photo ledges. Isn’t that a creative way to display your memories on the wall?

Adorn with the right mirrors

Mirrors are Miracles! They reflect light, substitute a work of art, open up spaces, overall they make rooms look better. A classic, modern or an edgy mirror can style up your wall. But, don’t forget that not every mirror is meant to hang on the wall. A narrow spot or a tiny room; a big mirror becomes a decorative as well as a functional element.

Light your home the right way

Perfect lighting plays a very significant role in creating ambiance & mood. Also, before choosing the lights in your home always consider the ceiling height. One pro tip that we would love to highlight is that it includes three different types of light in every room; overhead, table or task-specific and ambient. Choose the right shade and use CFLs or LEDs – energy efficient.

So, be it any type of house, flats or apartments; implement these valuable tips and bring life to your home. Because every simple design or change can draw the attention of your guests and make you feel good about it.


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