Societal Commitment

At Unique Shanti Developers, structures and edifices apart, what we really want to build are ‘Lives of People’. Along with great flats in Mumbai, our success and very existence are rooted in the well-being of society. It is this understanding that has led us to devise our corporate social responsibility initiatives.

At Unique Shanti Developers, we thank the almighty for everything that has propelled this company onto the path of success. Our CSR activities are not limited to eco-friendly constructions.Our aim is to uplift the underprivileged, upgrade humankind and contribute towards a peaceful society. In our quest to give back to the society, we have built a hostel for students, a number of Places Of Worship, hospitals and animal shelter homes.

At Unique Shanti Developers, we have always been very sensitive to the societal needs and have been at the forefront to help the society in times of Natural calamities like earthquakes of Latur, Gujarat, and the flash floods that struck the city of Mumbai on 26th July 2005. Every year village floods drain away the stored fodder for the livestock and cause heavy losses for the farmers. We try our best to help the villagers by providing them fodder and other essentials to maintain and feed their livestock. We sincerely thank god and our customers with all humbleness for making us able enough to contribute back to the society, and we only wish that we are able to contribute more in the coming years!

Places of Worship

We have constructed numerous places of worship where people can connect with the almighty, find solace and above all, discover the strength to bravely face all the challenges that destiny has in store for them.

P. V. Doshi Hospital

P. V. Doshi Hospital is a very special project that’s extremely close to our heart and it is our way of connecting with the almighty. Privy to the rising medical expenses which are getting out of hand for economically weaker sections of the society, offers subsidized consultations, diagnosis and medicines at a discounted price.

Hostel For Students

An initiative to help the underprivileged students to get enlightened by the power of knowledge and become better world citizens. Finding accommodation in Mumbai city is costly & quite an uphill task for students belonging to the economically weaker sections of the society. We have constructed hostels with the intention of giving wings to these deserving students.

Animal Shelter Homes

We have started an animal shelter home in our village to tend and look after ailing and ageing animals who are abandoned by their owners. This is an initiative to value the service of these ailing animals offered in their days of well–being to mankind. And it’s our way of saying thanks to them on behalf of their owners.

All the flats in Mumbai developed by us and the upcoming projects in Mira Road and other locations are built keeping in mind the greater commitment towards society.

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