Here’s How Mira Road Became The Perfect Destination For Housing

Blogs / January 15, 2020

Here’s how Mira Road became the perfect destination for housing

Mira Road is the suburb of the Mumbai metropolitan region stationed in the northwest part occupying salsette Island. Maharashtra, India. Back then it was famous for salt production and there were many salt pans in Mira Road, over a while builders and developers established their projects and eventually Mira road converted into a Suburb from a land of mangroves. Mira road east is the most developed side, on the other hand, the west side is still developing. It is a portion of the Thane district and has widespread within the jurisdiction of the Mira-Bhayander. This suburb is governed by the Mira-Bhayander Municipal Corporation. It is the western line of Mumbai suburban railway and has convenient connectivity to Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Mumbai.

Mira Bhayander and Bhayander are adjacent to Mira road. More development is on the eastern side of the railway’s line while on the western side is covered by mangroves and salt pans. The most clannish residential areas in Mira Road are Poonam Estate, Shanti Park, Beverly Park, and Unique signature. The amplifying rate for 1 and 2 BHK apartments in Mira Road stood at INR 7300 per sqft on average, But developers such as Unique Shanti Developers promote budget housing with equivalent experience of luxury apartments.

History of Mira road

The elevated prices of Mumbai’s real estate have been instrumental in the development of the Mira Bhayander region. Since 1947 onwards, primarily developed by Bharat Shah the rise in real estate prices prompted several largely middle-income families to migrate to the suburbs of Mumbai like Mira Road, Vasai, and Virar. Back in time, the Mira-Bhayander area was part of Gram Panchayat and was sustained primarily for agricultural land, majorly rice. This delayed and deterred builders from starting the projects, By 1980, builders began to buy agricultural land and start developing township. The Mira Bhayander municipal co-operation was set up on June 12, 1985, by integrating 5 Gram Panchayat which is from where Mira Road got its name.

By 1990, the council was elongated and it held the first election. Shri. Gilbert Mendonca was elected as the first president of the Mira Bhayander council. As it located very close to the city, easy accessibility by roads as well as railways and facilities for the city also extending to this town, have resulted in an increasing population and Mira Bhayander as a whole developed further.

The Development of Mira Road over time :

Water supply and power supply

In the Initial stages of development Mira Road faced a lot of Difficulties. Water supply and power supply were the two main complications laid back the growth of Mira Road, eventually, these complications faded away from the water supply and power supply became steady. Now the continuous supply of both is 24/7.

Mira Road railway station is located between Borivali and Bhayander stations on the western line of Mumbai suburban railways. Mira road consists of four side platforms, divided into two sections by the twin bores of the station, a skywalk serving the commuters to Shanti Nagar and Naya Nagar zone. Trains serve the station 12 hours a day every day; the headway between trains is 6 minutes during peak hours, with minimal frequent service at other times. Mira Road station is also served by three bus services including BEST Transport, MBMT Transport, and TMT Transport buses, serving the areas of Thane, Navi Mumbai, and Bhayandar. Two Escalators have also been installed, one at platform No. 1 & another one at platform No. 2 and new Ticket Counter have been initiated on 28 August 2019. Platform No. 1 is being expanded. Wi-Fi has also been installed on all platforms with a barcode of UTS application to book tickets online and travel paperless.

Schools in Mira road there are many schools of CBSE and SSC board In Mira Road. These schools were established one by one and it gave our country the most recognizable personalities. Many Successful personalities have begun their journey from these schools located in Mira Road. Famous actor Kunal Khemu did his schooling from N.L Dalmia which is located in Mira Road near Iskon temple and the most recognizable actor Madhur Mittal who was in the leading role in slumdog millionaire has done his schooling from St Xavier’s high school located in Mira Road near SkyLine2. India’s brave Major Kaustabh Rane did his schooling from Holy cross convent school situated in Mira Road.

The Real Estate development in Mira Road is rapidly  suburb. Kunal Doshi, the Director, of Unique Shanti Developers, says, “A dreamer is who firmly believes in the power of dreams and that dreams happen over time”. Developers such as Unique Shanti gave Luxurious Texture to Mira Road real estate property. Keeping in Mind that Mira Road offers easy connectivity to all directions of the city – Mumbai, Thane, and Navi Mumbai and Mira-Bhayander belt enjoys easy accessibility from the western suburbs through the Western Express Highway, Due to its proximity to Mumbai and better connectivity to Thane and Bhayandar, there has been a significant growth of population in this area which led Unique Shanti Developers to establish their projects that offers 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments with Clubhouse, Garden, Gym and automated parking system that gives allowance to family with more than one car the convenience of parking. People from Mumbai and other suburbs are migrating in Mira road as it is developing into a smart city. Buying Luxurious apartments under budget has become accessible In Mira Road and the Value of the property is increasing simultaneously.

The current value of Real Estate in Mira Road:

“Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.”

How medical and emergency services established in Mira Road. There are government hospitals as well as the multi-specialty hospital in Mira Road that offers immediate services. Well, known hospitals such as Wockhardt and Bhakti Vedanta have entrenched in Mira Road. There are two MBMC Fire stations to deal with fire accident and rescue operations, they are within 5 minutes distance from all the areas in Mira Road and two police stations, one is located near the western express highway, another one is located in Beverly Park. All these facilities promote public safety in Mira Road.

How buying a flat can be a valuable deal in Mira Road :

It doesn’t matter if you live in 1 BHK flat or 2 BHK apartments if the city is providing you with all the basic amenities and services. Let’s give attention to the benefits of living in Mira road.

Features of the residential areas and housing in Mira Road 

People had satisfying housing experience in Mira road. There have been many projects in sight lately, efforts of developers and engineers have brought drastic changes in housing experience for people. Visitors have quoted that “Mira road is turning into a smart city” but how did all these take place? It is very convenient for people to live in a place that has a variety of facilities at a walkable distance. Many Projects are addressed in the central part of Mira Road which provides station and highway at a very compatible distance. One way it makes people save time and fuel while traveling and on the other hand it also provides schools and medical services at a walkable distance approx. 5-10 minutes distance. There are five gas stations and many service stations for Vehicles.

Anticipated projects in the development of Mira Road :

The State Cabinet had sanctioned three Metro projects worth ₹19,000 crores in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). The projects are Metro 10 (Gaimukh in Thane to Shivaji Chowk, Mira Road), Metro 11 (Wadala to GPO, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus), and Metro 12 (Kalyan to Taloja).

The Metro 10 is 9.2-km long and will cost ₹4,476 crores, while 12.7-km-long Metro 11 and 20.7-km-long Metro 12 will cost ₹8,739 crore and ₹5,865 crores respectively. The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) had prepared the detailed project reports (DPR) of these new Metro lines, which will be added to the MMR. The cabinet on Tuesday accepted the DPRs and gave the MMRDA the green signal to proceed with the work. The Metro 10 project is likely to be completed by March 2022. The cabinet granted permission to seek monetary assistance from international funding agencies. The Metro line, which will connect to the CSMT-Wadala-Thane- Kasarvadvali route, is expected to be used daily by 14.32 lakh commuters. The line will connect Borivali, Mira-Bhayander, Thane, and the rest of Mumbai. The Metro 11 project will consist of a 4 km elevated corridor between Wadala and Sewri while the 8.7 km Sewri patch will be underground. The project is likely to be completed by March 2026. The Metro line will be useful for the area to be redeveloped by the Bombay Port Trust. With the completion of this project, the CSMT will be directly connected to Thane-Ghodbunder and Mira Road-Bhayander with connectivity to the Metro 10 project. Around 11.6 lakh commuters are likely to use the line, and by 2031, the number may go up to 16.9 lakh, government sources said.

All these developments will increase the value of the real estate, so people who are planning to migrate or investors who are planning to invest in real estate in Mira road should be aware that from 2020 till 2023 is the best time to invest in real estate.

“Interesting fact about money is that it can be used to make more money”


Mira road is the best place to invest in real estate

As you know how Mira Road came into existence and how did it developed over the years you are now aware of how you can profit by investing in Mira Road. The real estate values are moderate in the current period and it is the best time to invest in real estate. Be it a 1 BHK Flat or 2 BHK apartment you will get your deal under your budget and after a few years the property value will hike and Investors can withdraw double on what they have invested.

Know about Unique Shanti Developers, one of the leading real estate developers in Mira road.

Investors can find good deals and attractive budget in the developed project by Unique Shanti Developers. A company established in 1992, is one of Mumbai’s leading real estate companies and are currently developing residential, commercial and township projects spread across more than 15 million square feet. As an organization, they are also known for employee-friendly and professional working environment.

“If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary”

They have created defining landmarks and apartments in Mira Road that have set new standards in real estate development for more than 27 years. They have credited on very first, a mega township of 143 buildings which challenged the strength and confidence, and successfully delivered what they committed to their clients. Whether stunning flats in Mira Road or larger homes at other locations, they adore to see happy faces and it motivates them to work harder and spread smiles. Since then they took it up as a mission and began their journey of delivering smiles and have never failed in their commitment. Today, they have proudly instituted copious dream homes to more than 30,000 families.


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