How To Convert Your Home Into A “Home Sweet Home”

Blogs / January 20, 2020


Perquisite locality, well-architectured homes, long-spread delightful gardens, and surroundings filled with people sharing mutual lifestyle habits hence forming relationships for a lifetime is no less than a bliss. If “Home Sweet Home” ever had a definition, it would certainly be this. Home is a well-planned housing within a city which is a heaven for citizens who are looking for a balmy environment to reside in, “Home sweet home” is the new name of improved living.

The origin of the name also relates to the fact that the fast-paced growth of the city requires a planned living structure. Suburbs like Thane and Mira Road are becoming the ever-growing economic hubs. The concept of these suburbs is the solution to those who are looking for a different standard of living. Furthermore, it has become a status symbol. Thus, the smart-housing is becoming exceedingly popular and a well-accepted and demanded format. Here are the few shared examples of reasons behind what makes these house into a massively desired “Home Sweet Home”. Buying a 1 or 2 BHK flats have never been so gratifying before, as it is now. But a few added points can make it more satisfying.

Adequately planned Homes:

It is no longer about having a house with livable facilities. Rather, it is about living to the fullest in your paradise. Homes built-in with premium flooring, branded sanitizing equipment, high-quality electrical outlets, and the sheer house architecture. The well-structured spacious rooms with balconies and gardens is an aces abode to live in.

1. Impassable single-use spaces like living rooms that stop a natural flow and create bottlenecks when entertaining. A hallway or other opening through the wall encourages a movement through the room without having to re-think. It circulates the air-flow in all the rooms. Flexibility is also important: a small living room In a 1 BHK flat might function as a temporary bedroom as long as there is easy access to the bathroom.

2. Pay attention to indoor and outdoor unification, i.e., convenient connections between outdoor or the back yard will leverage comfort. Look for smooth doors to a patio or porch: the outdoor connection allows a house to expand in a good atmosphere and it connects to the site and landscape and prevents it from feeling like a dome of suffocation.

3. Some quiescent, non-functional front porches are not large enough for relaxing, so make sure the plan you want has a porch that’s at least 6-8 feet compass that also allows furniture placement.

4. Extravagant kitchen volume can become a “Huge self-acquisition” so analyze how much space you certainly need for casual dining and food prep: if it’s a buffet island then space for three or four sitting is usually enough.


A home without a plan is just a wish


Revamp Lifestyle:

Avoiding the urban chaos, living in peace with 24/7 water and electricity supply makes a home a different experience altogether. All the advantaged of Luxury-class housing available in one location under one roof. Apart from the indoor facilities, elements like shopping complexes, gyms, entertainment hubs, and play areas are brought together to provide an all-inclusive remarkable lifestyle. Up-town Real estate developers like Unique Shanti Developers have made it possible.

Buy Residential Flats in Mumbai


If it is still in your mind, it is worth taking the risk


Secured Living:

Families with young children and retired personnel often look for spaces where security is reliable. Abode such as Unique Vistas promises trustworthy and comprehensively secured living with the installation of advanced electronic security systems that work 24×7 and 365 days. Moreover, the security guard is on a look-out round-the-clock thus making the security concerns to relax. Advanced security features are an integral part of assemblage communities as it incorporates a 2-3 tier of security levels. From CCTV cameras to recording the visitor information and confirming the same with residents, multi-level security systems make for a comprehensive living experience.

All-In-All various safety measures will enhance a stress-free living:

Wireless camera

When security cameras first came out on the market, they had to be connected to an electrical source to operate. Some cameras still work this way. These wired cameras depend on video cables to transmit video signals to a monitor. With a wireless CCTV camera the video signals are passed on with some, the audio signal as well—is broadcast over the internet or other wireless networks to a receiver that’s connected to a monitor and recording device. Many people use PC’s and hard drive or Cloud storage accounts to store the video footage for later surveillance.

Smart lights

 The use of programmable lights that can turn on and off according to the schedule, is another practical safety gambit. Home security expert Sicilian suggests, “Give your home that lived-in look. Whether using a timer to turn lights on and off or using the components of an alarm system with built-in home automation to turn on lights, music, TVs, etc. at all times of the day will create that effect.”

Lights installed with motion sensor turns on when they detect movement. This will alert that someone’s home and prevent thieves from lurking in the darkness. Since there are chances to get screwed into your existing sockets, the little installation will drive.

Apartment safety options

A biometric safety locker is a good place to store important documents, money and small valuables. It’s best to anchor a safe to the wall or floor so a robber can’t run off with it. If this isn’t reliable, choose a low-profile but heavy safety locker that can be hidden.

Intellection Living:

Most of the projects are built upon the concept of healthy living. Concepts such as walk-to-work or walk-to-school are one of them. Projects like Poonam Estate, today are trying to set up full-fledged housing near industrial estates, IT parks, corporate hubs. The desire to live a lavish life without compromising on health is not sufficed to retired. Rather, people are moving ahead with a lifestyle where they prefer exclusive amenities. Thus abodes that are close to work offer the catchments of the city closely and they are favored more by the self-employed professionals.

Living Away From Pollution:

Pollution is one of those things that can penetrate your healthy lifestyle and it is very essential to live in a pollution-free zone. But first, let’s take a bite on why is it so essential and how does it affect our lifestyle.

 Smoke-Smoke everywhere

There is no doubt today that air pollution is a global public health emergency. It Intimidates everyone from babies to children, to women cooking over open fires. On the street and inside the house, the sources of air pollution can be differentiated, yet their effects are mutually a threat to health. Disease such as asthma, respiratory illnesses, and heart stroke are among the adverse health effects known to be caused by air pollution.

Young hearts are affected fast

Globally, 93 percent of all children breathe air that contains higher concentrations of pollutants than the World Health Organization (WHO) considers safe to human health. As a result, 6 lakhs children perish prematurely each year because of air pollution. Even exposure to toxic air emitted by factories and commercial areas also hampers brain cell development which leads to cognitive and motor impairments. These things are very dangerous and at the same time putting children at higher risk for chronic conditions later in life. Household air pollution is intangibly harmful to women and children due to their traditional home-based roles in many cultures. About 60 percent of household air pollution-related deaths globally are among women and children, and more than half of all pneumonia deaths in children under five can be attributed to indoor air pollution.


Be a part of the solution, not pollution


When people get sick, the entire community suffers. People require medical care and medicine, children skip school and working adults miss days of work which devastates their attendance, either as a result of their poor health, or to care for a loved one.

 The right to clean air is a human right

The right to a healthy environment enjoys constitutional status—the strongest form of legal protection available—in more than 100 countries. At least 155 states are legally obligated, through treaties, constitutions, and legislation, to respect, protect and fulfill the right to a healthy environment. The right to clean air is also embedded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and fully enshrined in the Sustainable Development Goals.


The ultimate luxury is being able to relax and enjoy your home.

A house is a “Home Sweet Home” when everything mentioned above is practically tangible. There are upcoming projects in Mira Road and Thane which is going to make a positive impact on the lifestyles of many people. Unique Shanti developers are encouraging lavish housing for budget-headed buyers to delight their home warming. Their vision is to create a healthy ecosystem by changing the environment and by creating spaces that breathe the air of security, tranquility, and harmony. They envision to make spaces available at affordable prices to fulfill the dream of a “HOME SWEET HOME”


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