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Our qualified team with a high level of expertise in real estate is known for pushing the boundaries as per the needs of the customer. We have a perfect blend of young and experienced minds.While the experienced team focuses on delivering projects with great efficiency for our clients & business partners, the young and energetic professionals bring in their knowledge of latest tools and technologies in order to deliver exceptional and unmatched residential spaces. Our strong team includes best minds from design, engineering and management fields.We are blessed with a team of inspired professionals who share the same passion for creativity in the delivery of each and every project.

  • Dilesh Shah, Director

    He has taken up the reigns of running this company efficiently after the sad demise of Shri Harshad Bhai Doshi.

    Mr. Dilesh Shah has had the fortune of learning the ropes of the business working very closely with Shri.Harshad Bhai from the grass root levels. Over the years He has managed and guided the company to deliver quality by taking timely and conscious decisions, which are in tune with the changing times. He personally looks into every project's legalities and government approvals, just to ensure that a project once initiated gets completed without any glitch and on time. Mr. Dilesh Shah, with his strict, disciplined and professional management of projects has helped the company prosper and deliver outstanding results. He is the force behind the company's entry into Mumbai's property market with a highly ambitious and state of the art commercial complex project in the plush Andheri MIDC area.

  • Kunal Doshi, Director

    Mr. Kunal Doshi, a dreamer who firmly believes in the power of dreams and that dreams happen over time. One of the very strong confidantes of Mr. Dilesh Shah, he is equally responsible for making Unique Shanti Developer LLP a successful company.

    An individual who has a keen eye on the changing trends in lifestyle has helped bring in innovation within the company and its projects. Working very closely with Mr. Dilesh Shah and other directors, he is the quality controller of all the projects right from the construction to the final finishing and timely hand over of the projects for possession. He works very closely with the architects, project consultants and structural engineers to deliver quality with innovations in every project. He has the pulse of the consumers and strives to deliver quality in everything he does, just to ensure that the consumer gets the best from his hard-earned money.

  • Hemal Doshi, Director

    The Sales engine of the company, A person who is full of positivity and a will to go to any lengths to make dreams happen. Mr. Hemal Doshi is the company's contact with the end consumer. He is updated with a strong knowledge of the legalities that go into buying and selling a property, he ensures that the consumers receives transparent and correct information while they make the precious and most important decision of buying their most cherished dream- a Home.

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