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With the real estate prices touching a new high, residents in old buildings are now discovering the value of their asset as they now have an opportunity to unlock immense value from their property by opening-up to an offer for Redevelopment from a well-known and trusted Builder / Developer.

Considering the present scenario in the residential housing sector, clientele / society members have realized the benefits of redeveloping their society as it promises them newly constructed and revamped homes, completed with state-of-the art amenities, and better parking areas.  This also leads to an increment in their flat value, resulting in more saleable value of the same flat caused due to increased carpet area offered as of on the existing flat area, and what’s even better is that the family stays happily together.  The residents of the society get better amenities, an elevator that saves the senior citizens from the nightmare of climbing the stairs to get to their apartment, and to top it all, everyone gets an elevated and improved lifestyle.

We, being in the Real Estate business for more than two decades by way of construction / development, have undertaken a number of redevelopment projects. Redevelopment means demolishing the existing building structure and re-constructing the building by adhering to all the compliances required for the redevelopment of a society and taking necessary permissions from the relevant authorities for the reconstruction of the said building premises. Based on our hard earned experience, proven track record in this area, and our commitment to serve our valued & exclusive clientele, we never fail to deliver what we promise.

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