What Does Your Home Say About You?

Blogs / February 13, 2020


Each one of you carries an identity in the society, It’s always said that what you wear reflects on your personality. Similarly, The house where you live creates an identity in society. Take our childhood memory for instance when the dream house was built with LEGO, you’d quench on an artificially built plastic house, but then it actually showed that this is where you want to live in the future. A house filled with all the facilities & amenities that create a comfort zone yet keeps you healthy. These type of living standards are tangible in The UNIQUE IVANA & The EMPRESS




Note: Whether you are planning to make a few changes in your 1 or 2 BHK apartments or planning to buy a 1 BHK or 2 BHK flat then these ideas will help you out.

Honestly, the word “luxury” is not tossed around all that often at houses, Because most of the time, filling the empty spaces of the rooms isn’t really “luxury”.  The classic yet Elegant projects by unique Shanti developers are live examples of Luxurious abode actually create a difference. It can be also done by depreciating things that consume a lot of spaces in the room.


  1. Add little abstract materials where you can. 

Abstract art is a perfect choice when a room calls for a colorful, oversize piece. The openness of the thought won’t dominate a room’s narrative, while the eye-catching composition, whether geometric, fluid, or painterly It will create movement and deep space. Colorful abstractions pop against white walls, but we love them against richly hued backdrops too. When you want to make a statement without adding any more color to space, a black-and-white abstract work will almost certainly do the trick. When finalizing on a piece, think about the kind of energy you want to create in the room. example, a monolithic form can feel solid and grounding; a wild splatter adds upbeat energy; a graceful line drawing lends romance and intrigue.


  1. Stabilize your lighting.

Place out lamps around a room to make it feel upscale. If you rely solely on overhead lighting, a room can feel more like an operation theater. Think about different light sources in the room, including overhead or recessed lights and natural light from windows or skylights, and the periodic changes of the light. control the  Lighting with a three-way socket or dimmer switch, It allows you to adjust the level of light, making it more versatile. Use LEDs with the same color temperature throughout the room for consistency. Position table lamps or floor lamps so the bottom of the lampshade is just below eye level when you’re seated and this will help you avoid looking directly into the lightbulb. Hang a pendant to provide feather touch, all-over lighting in smaller spaces. It provides a similar type of light as a floor lamp instead it doesn’t take up the square footage

  1. Put larger frames on the wall.

The lonely walls of your home can be in a relationship with the right wallpaper, or just the right color, artful frames, and can also showcase your most priceless memories. If you are planning to put photo frames to liven up that drab wall, consider mounting photo frames and art that involves more than just marginal changes to the walls by drilling holes or sticking hooks. Instead of decorating the wall randomly, you can plan a theme before you start hurting the walls. a black and white on canvas is a special photo that will continue to have a timeless appeal throughout your life. A photo montage of black and white photos printed on canvas can seamlessly blend the most special moments of your life into a single mosaic.




  1. Bring the class to your home.

To give your property a classic touch, you’ll need to give some thought to the decor and the appearance of your rooms. An infallible way to achieve a classic look is to add coving around the ceiling, this works especially well in homes with high ceilings such as The Empress. Coving is usually made from plaster or polymer gives your house a seamless look. You can install marble worktops in the kitchen, as the material is particularly popular in the current period, and you could also use the material in the bathroom for tiles. For the bathroom, you can take a look at freestanding baths, which are available with period features like roll tops. You can also install nostalgic radiators to complete the look.


  1. Live in a posh Area that depreciates the commuting distance

Life becomes easy when everything that you need is just around the corner.  Imagine you are living in a 2 BHK flat which is almost 10-20 mins away from the station and highway, also malls & cinema theater is at a walkable distance, it sounds so enthralling. To turn this imagination into reality The Unique IVANA is developing with an availability of 2 BHK & 1 BHK apartments in Mira Road.


But why Mira Road?

 A cluster of localities

Mira Road is a cluster of new localities that have developed over the years encompassing Shanti Park, Hatkesh Sanghavi Nagar, Silver Park, Beverly Park, Pleasant Park, Geeta Nagar, Golden Nest, Shrishti Complex, Shanti Gardens, Complex, Garden and Vihar Complex,  Jangid Enclave including others.

 Proximity to business hubs

Mira Road is embedded by commercial hubs popularly Bandra Kurla Complex and Lower Parel via Western Highway. after the development of the metro line, Mira road will also connect to thane and Bandra.

 Range of residential options

Presently, there is the availability of 490 ready-to-move-in housing units and 50 under-construction units. Additionally, there is a good number of resale properties across Mira Road. Key projects in the affordable housing segment are The Empress & Poonam Estate. While the projects in the luxury segment include Unique IVANA & Skyline 2

 Magnificent transportation network

The highways, sea links, and suburban railway provide easy access to Mira Road. The Mira Bhayandar links the region through the western suburbs via the western highway.

 Robust social infrastructure

Well known schools and colleges are located in the region namely NL Dalmiya School and Management College, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Vidyalaya, Holy Cross Convent School, St Xaviers, Royal College, R B Kanakia, N H English Academy, St Joseph’s School, and Shanti Nagar High School. There are shopping malls as well as healthcare centers also located in the region.


  1. A tranquil bedroom for the end of a stressful day.

A place for relaxation is probably your bedroom, It should be your solace from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is pretty obvious that you want your bedroom’s texture to reflect your design preferences, but you also want to make sure it functions as the retreat you deserve. Transitioning a bedroom from dull to luxurious can be as simple as the addition of new texture or maybe a bit more complex, like an intricate accent wall. If you just can’t put your finger on what your needs though, no need to worry because that is exactly when Unique Shanti Developers bolster you with their pre-furnished apartments.




  1. Make sure your room has a personality

It’s not just where you are now that can be reflected in your home, but those trends, phases and even fads we’ve gone through can still be reflected somewhere. There’s a reason why home is so important to us. It helps reflect every choice, change and important milestone in our lives. Through everyday behavior and both conscious and subconscious choices, it’s not only a place to relax and enjoy our family, but also an indication of what we value and how that can change.

You’ll often notice indications where someone is or has tried to bring something new in. Like a few books about the same subject, in an obscure part of the bookshelf which makes me think it’s something that was important, but they have stopped thinking about a temporal trend. These can also manifest as new attempted behavior. For example, if you go into a kitchen and someone has a calendar, it tells you that they’re trying to be organized. It tells you that they aspire to plan ahead, but the most important thing is to look as to whether it’s used. There are plenty of people who want to be really organized and they go out and buy a certain calendar or organize their books or DVDs in a certain way, but they never get round to continue the behavior. It’s more of an aspiration. And it tells you they’re not a naturally organized person but aspire to be.




8. Purify indoor Air with Succulent plants.

Succulents, and on-succulent plants like Orchids and Echeveria Elegans, keep producing oxygen all through the night. By keeping these plants it will benefit with an extra boost of refreshed air during sleep and that ultimately leads to a better night’s sleep. Succulents, like mother-in-law’s tongue and aloe vera, are reliable at cleansing the air and removing toxins. NASA’s research found that they are able to remove 87% of Volatile Organic Compounds. So indoor not only cleanse the air but also prevents disease related to air pollution. They are also helpful in library and study environments because V-O-C substances like benzene and formaldehyde are found in rugs, toxic smoke, shopping bags, and books.

Therefore, One can make few changes in their house but projects developed by USD gives assurance to provide all these facilities Unique Shanti Developers believe that their customers should have the power, freedom, and convenience to choose a project that suits their best-found needs. ‘I DECIDE’ is a tool wherein their customers can choose from their varied projects helping them to zero-in on a home that matches the different parameters set by their customers as per their preferences on the given categories. Their initiatives of ‘I DECIDE’ gives their customers the flexibility and the power to follow their dream while making the process of planning their dream home a desirable experience.

About Unique IVANA

Unique Ivana is their supreme residential project launched in Mira-Bhayander, Mumbai. It has 1 BHk and 2 BHK flats that provide access to all commuting hubs within a radius of 20 minutes. It gives prominence for the security of members and they make sure that they derive the satisfaction of living in their developed projects.

About The Empress

The extravagant design of The Empress will encourage the modernized lifestyle in Mira Road. The 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments will be centered by pools, gym and a massive lawn for evening walks. If you are searching for a house in Mira Road then The Empress is an example of all that is glorious. The cross ventilation structure that keeps a continuous air-flow and the magnificent interiors with the multi-layered open spaces, centered by a podium which offers an alluring view in all the four cardinal directions.



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